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Title of Intro

simple slide-like presentation page

This is first page of this presentation, at start we have three slides. all content is already loaded.

There're three navigation features: 1) links below 2) arrows at the bottom of strip on the left 3) arrow key on the keyboard.


subtitle of Speed slide

All is loaded

All content of this page is already loaded, pictures, and text. Javascript controls how this content is displayed and what is hidden.

Not only content of slides

Every slide has its own, specific illustration on the right and this big number in the background in the right top corner.


For slides, now there's only two options for navigation - those arrows in the left bottom corner, and the key arrow on the keyboard.

Web Accessibiity

Loaded content is accessible

Web Accessibility

This term means ability of any important content to be rendered to any user, irrelevant from any limitations - user and his device alike.

Loaded content

Because content is here, JS only hides it, without JS this is normal, linear, easy to access page.


Not only slides in a row, and a start. Every slide can have its own sublevel of navigation. Almost all is just the copypaste. More info at 1.0 slide


Accessible layout in all resolutions


Without RWD almost always Web Accessibility is not applied. That's why only after getting RWD one can test Web Accessibility.

Title of this

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  • Levels of navigation (mostly done)
  • Some kind of indicator
  • Web Accessibility - test & improve